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Healing of Mind, Spirit and Body

What about true healing? Can we really have it and how? I have formulated a way that we can. To do this, I have looked at many sources and approached it from an open mind. This, as anything in our life never reaches perfection, but, one can get to a point where you can put something into practice. The following is at that point. Let you who have wisdom follow on. First off, let's look at a simple word that really alarms most people. That word is "disease." Most everyone has been taught to mispronounce the word by saying it like, di-sease. The word is actually pronounced dis-ease or "dis" which means "not" and "ease" which means "comfortable." So students, disease or dis-ease simply means not comfortable... Now, you can plainly see, there is no more reason to be afraid of disease... For quite some time now, actually many years, I have had little to no problem with bodily disorders. Not even a cold or flu... Why? Well, it certainly isn't because I eat only the "healthiest" food, even though I try to. It also is not due to exercise. I usually sit too much at my laptop, like now... What it is, is so simple, that almost everyone on the planet misses it utterly and so completely. Join the free of charge group Octagonia, continue to listen and I will teach you. If you are thinking that there "must be" a "catch" to this, than you may go on your way now, if you like, because your mind is already trapped. You can, however, free your mind, spirit and body and I can show you how. My ONLY intent and interest is in seeing you free and well.
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