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Octagonia: September 2008


Nutrition and Relaxation

At our group below, I will discuss how nutrition can affect your ability to meditate and generally relax. Poor nutrition is the cause for most so called "disease". You may not even realize that yours is poor... The Food and Drug Administration, the AMA and the companies behind them will not tell you the truth... You have to dig for yourself and or get info at places like here.

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Separation of Mind, Body and Spirit

Can mind, body, and spirit be separated? Most think so, generally because of physical 3-D so called death. It seems to me and many, many others that our 3-D body is kind of like a wrapper for our energy being (spiritual body), mind (intellect, etc.) and spirit (our eternal internal power source that is coupled to every thing else). If that is the case, then at 3-D death or passing our physical body is left behind like a candy bar wrapper and our unseen portions/parts, to the third dimension, are still in full function but at and in the dimension of their normal existence. I would like to hear from you as to what you think along this line. What happens after 3-D physical passing? I want your ideas not quotes of others, or any book, thank you.

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